Friday, November 7, 2008

how would u like loitering around city centre with ur middle finger n pointer finger polished with sea weed products?

It was such a funny thing today that i was smiling to myself while walking around Buchanan Galleries alone today... hahahha (PS: Buchanan Galleries is equivalent to KLCC/Mid Valley/Bangalore Central)

i was minding my own business, looking around d shops in Buchanan Gallery when this guy stopped me and wanted to ask me a question. i was stunned, n didnt wanna stop, but after i saw him properly .. i was like.. 'it's ok.. let's give in a little bit'. he was cute la. :P

n before u come up with ur own conclusions... i'll tell u who he is. he was some manager of one of the booths in that shopping complex which sold sea weed products for nails and skin k.

n d question he asked was if i had natural nails. i felt insulted that he would ask me such a question! never in my life has anyone ever suspected if my finger nails were natural or not. wat kindda of a silly question is that! i take pride in my naturally beautiful finger nails! i lifted my right hand and proudly showed off my finger nails (thank God none were broken or cracked today! LOL).

he was stunned! all he said was 'wow' and stared at my finger nails for a good 30 seconds! ah... u cannot imagine how proud i was!!

only later on i realized that he was promoting his products, that;s y he asked if i had natural nails... cos there's no use for these products on artificial long nails.

anyways, he started buffing my middle finger nails, while explaining y and how this sea weed thing works. its this block sort of thing, which has four sides and each side has a different work like exfoliating, conditioning, n ...errr...something to give a shiny finish.

when he was finished with one finger nail.... i was embarrassed at how unhealthy my fingers were! d middle finger nail looked so healthy n shiny!!!

n then he started talking about other things while buffing the pointer finger nail. he asked for my name, he asked how old i was, n he even asked wat i was doing in Glasgow..... n i answered... all because he was good looking :P

n then he put on this sea weed moisturizer on my right hand. he claimed that this moisturizer was very very good compared to any kind of lotions and creams. he told me to compare my right and left hand to see the difference.

when i lifted up my left hand to compare, the saw the ring on my left hand... n u should have seen his expression!! i just wish i had my camera at that time. his expression was priceless!! he was so stunned, that he abruptly stopped talking and started at me with his mouth open wide! hahahhahha... he asked if i was married....

very calmly, i said i was engaged, and walked away saying that i'll come back tomorrow and get the products... the poor fellow didnt even say anything after that!

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