Tuesday, November 4, 2008

one decade ago.....

i just realized that i has my PMR exam 10 years ago.......

i remember it as if it was yesterday.... we were all sitting outside d exam hall, doing last minute revision and discussion, and it was Shah Rukh Khan's bday on that day too....

we spent more time talking about Shah Rukh Khan, how cute he was in his latest movie, how charming he looked when he smiles, how young he looked even when he had a son, and how unfortunate it was cos he was married with a kid.... as if he knew of our existence!

i'm getting old.....

my clock is ticking faster than i thought it was

much faster than i would like to admit

where's my knight in shining armor?

when and how am i gonna fulfill my craving for extreme sports...?

when am i gonna be settled in life??

most importantly.... i wonder if my knight has his GPS/electronic navigation with him... i wouldnt want him to get lost u know


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