Monday, December 29, 2008

My Reebok


I did it.

It's mine now.

It's all mine.

But i'm not very happy.

U could say it's guilt that's killing me.

I could give you a thousand and one reasons ( it's REASONS ...mind you...NOT excuses ) like

1) I love Reebok
2) My current shoe is giving away already
3) There's nothing wrong in buying another shoe before i'm completely deprived of any
4) I heart Reebok
5) It's on Sale
6) There's no way i can get Austin Lady for the price i got it for now.
7) If i dont buy another shoe now, i'll be the only fool who'd spend extra for another pair of shoes probably next year after the sales is all over
8) For the amount i walk these days, i know my current shoes is bound to meet its last day soon
9) Have i told you how much i love Reebok
10) ... Yea, I Love Reebok

This is the model that i wanted.

But this is not the colour that i wanted.

Infact, I hate yellow

But i bought it anyways... sigh...

All for the love of that name!

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