Monday, December 8, 2008

let there be light.. n there will be light....

... a weekend later!

it's not that the management is not efficient... it's just my bad luck that my lights had to die out on my on a saturday morning, and the service department is closed during the weekends. so, i had to wait till today morning n make a report before going for class... i come back at 3pm, n find my room bright n ... white bright! LOL....

d thing is, i've always been complaining that d light in my room is d yellow light sort of thing n it gives me a headache when i try reading or doing much work.. infact, i hardly do any work with those kindda lights.. cos it just puts u to sleep!

now i've got nice white lights!! yay...!!! so, no more excuses n no more delaying in doing my room! it's supposed to be good... it is good actually... but somewhere in d corner of my heart i think i'm kindda upset that i dont have any more excuses! hahhaha


Selamat Hari Raya Haji and Eid Mubarakh ( i know i slept that wrongly/i dont know how to spell it correctly) everyone

since i have so many Muslim classmates from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, etc. etc,), we had a chocolate party today!!!

i was too excited when i saw all that chocolate. i was so focused on trying out every kind of chocolate that was there, and i completely forgot to take photos! :P

there were so many varieties of chocolates.. that i dont even remember how many there were... but i remember that the Brazilian Chocolate was D BEST!! i took one from d box n popped it in my mouth... realized it was nice, so walked up to d front table on my way out n took another one. when i was out d main door of d building, i so wanted to turn back n smuggle d box with the remaining chocolates in it! LOL .trust me, it was really that good!

d whole of today morning, i kept walking up to d front table to take d chocolates n chocolate biscuits one by one.. that my whole class (probably just almost d whole class) noticed n labeled me a total food junkie! some of them sort of realized that i was a food junkie on St Andrew's Day lunch(it was organized by d staff especially for us and i conveniently forgot to take my camera along on that day of alld d days.. so, i'm still in d processing of stealing pics from my classmates), cos i tried everything on d table (even if it was something made from sheep's gut) and i still went for a 3rd round... even when i was so stuffed. at d end of it, i was sitting on a chair n couldnt move for quite some time cos i was too full, and i still didnt have d heart to leave that room! hahhaha....

i just dont care anymore i guess... i'm a food junkie and i dont know since when i became like this. i'm just willing to put almost anything n everything in my mouth to give it a try ( d sheep gut thing was ... errmm.. sort of a mistake ... cos i didnt know wat it was before i ate it. if i had known earlier, i wouldnt have tried it anyways... probably just half a table spoon... just for d sake of knowing how it taste like )

i remember telling Yasmin (principal/founder of HOPE) once that i'd never eat a burger or Subway in front of d guy i really like, cos i'd really embarrass myself. n she thought i'd never eat burger for d rest of my life after i find my guy. there's no way i'm sacrificing food for a guy n there's no way i will put up a show in front of someone who's gonna be stuck with me for the rest of his/my life. he might as well know wat he's asking for.. but i at least have d curtesy of sparing him for d first few dates n then he can have nothing but the whole truth! hahahha. On a serious note, i think i should go for eating lessons to Sherline (legal adviser/errmm... Sherline wat else was it that u are in HOPE?)


To those of u who are in my facebook list.... i think u must have noticed d change in my profile.

i've changed my name to Chumi Lucky Lakshmi. ( oh, how i wish it was my relationship status had was changed ).

it is simply impossible for ppl here to pronounce my full name. so i gave up trying to introduce myself as Lakshmi to ppl other than my classmates. i just tell them that i'm Chumi. even that they find it difficult, unless i spell it out or write it down on a piece of paper.

So, i just simplified things by introducing myself as Lucky ( which is d name i got while i was in India, cos my name sounded like that n cos i was generally lucky, according to some of my friends... i'd prefer to say that i'm unfairly blessed.. LOL).

well, i thought it would simplify things... but it just complicated the situation... hahahha. cos when i tell them that I'm Lucky, they seem surprised and want to know how i got that name. so, i end up having to tell them the whole story where "my full name is Lakshmi, but since it's difficult for most ppl to pronounce it, i introduce myself as Chumi, which ppl find equally difficult, and i finally tell them that i'm Lucky, hoping that it's much easier for them to remember!"

i should have thought of an English/Christian name at least for the sake of making my life and other ppl's life more simple and manageable. sigh.... it's at times like this when i wish i use my common sense more often than i already do.

anyways, i'm officially now Chumi Lucky Lakshmi.

if u can think of any names that would suit me/simplified version of my original two names/would be me when u shout it out or whisper it... then let me know. i'd love to hear wat u guys can come up with!!! (which reminds me of how some of my classmates and i came up with Ajax Fabuloso for friend of mine during our secondary school years! HAHAHAHHH) but pls spare me from those floor washing detergents' names!


while i was walking back to my room today... i was happy.. cos i'd be moving soon!!!!! (still keeping fingers crossed though). but when i reached d front door of my flat, i wasnt happy anymore.... cos there was a mail..... but it wasnt for me. all my flatmates get letter, postcards, parcels, greeting cards, and God knows wat else.. except for me!! :(

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