Thursday, December 4, 2008

decoration = renovation


C, E and L are the other characters in this, while 'me' is obviously me. words in brackets and in italic form are those that were running in my head.. which werent voiced out... quite obviously!

scenario : In the car while on the way to another location

C : we can't have the community group in my place today because the place is being decorated. so it's all in a mess

Me : oh (decoration for christmas?? y is she paying other ppl to decorate her house for her. who wouldnt want to decorate their house on their own? weird.. :I )

After half an hour, and when we've reached the location.

C : we've had to relocate here today for the meeting cos my place is in a mess... decorating it. thanks to L who opened her place for us....

E : oh....

L : aww.. thats no problem.. u guys r welcomed anytime!!

E : oh well... it's good in a way.. i'm really like her place... expecially her curtains.!! her mum's so sweet to do it for me!!

Me : oh, yeah.. i'm so fascinated with everything.. i just love ur place L..!!

(it is an understatement to just say that i fell in love with that place! i couldnt close my mouth shut n i couldnt stop saying that i like that place... i was this close to asking her if she was looking for a flatmate for her empty second bedroom! i think i should have... i wouldnt mind at all walking or taking the bus from that place! i was too shy to ask her if i could take pictures of her house... one day i'll google that apartment n show u the pics... then u'll know wat i mean!)

after almost 2 hours... when it was time to leave

E : u've got such a nice place here! n i like to look around the houses here... really beautiful houses! u should have a walk around someday u know (to me)

Me : oh really?? i'm already fascinated with this.. i dont think i need to look at any more houses! LOL....

C : yeah... u've got a really nice place... my house is in a total mess. only 2 of me can walk along in d hall... everything from my room is thrown out to the living room...

E : have u bought that house already C??

C : no.. i'm renting it.. i'm still in the same place....

E : oh, then y r u decorating it now??

Me : (wat r they talking about..?? y not decorate her house for christmas even though it's a rented house... she's been there for quite sometime anyways..n i still dont understand y she wants to hire ppl to decorate her house..?!!)

C : cos it's leaking... it's been leaking for more than a year infact!

L : wat!! for more than a year?!! u should have gotten it done so long ago... y didnt u call someone to do it sooner??

C : well actually... my landlord..landlady..landfamily...watever! hahahahah... they arent really the fastest ppl.... i've been telling for quite sometime now... but they finally got someone to get it done... d leak was so bad that it has been sipping through so many floors from above! and it's been leaking from my floor to the one below me!

E : oh.. that's nasty...!

Me : (Chumi, decoration means renovation)

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