Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of another year, and beginning or a new one

I've got so many other things to blog about, like my 1st Christmas away from family, St Andrew's Day lunch, Christmas party in my department, some special skills that i've learnt within 2 months, my shopping spree, new discoveries i've made, new friends... I know it'll be too late if I blog about all this next year, and I know it'll all be too much of information overload if I blog about it all together now within a last few hours of this year. I'm gonna push all that for the next coming posts so that I can talk about how 2008 has been for me. I've never done this kindda post before, and I want to do it this year, cos I want to remember everything that has happened in this year ( even if it is only in point form.. yea.. like I can limit my words )

There has been many memories in this year.. some good, some bad, some recollect able, some forgettable. But I believe and I know everything was for a purpose and God was leading me, guiding, and molding at those times, and most importantly I know He was right there next to me all along.


Had a new look for the New Year. Managed to get my hair cut really short.. just like it was when I was in primary school.. but with a different style.

I dont think I was ready/prepared for the New Year... actually, didnt give much thought about it at that time. It was just the beginning of another year for me. I had no plans for the year ahead of me, bu the Lord did and I wasnt aware of it, until a few months back.


Had my 1st sip of alcohol... n didnt like it to the bits

Went to Chennai with my batchmates in degree course for a short holiday trip (1st trip with friends),

and had the privilege of showing them what Malaysian food is all about, am proud about it even today!

Amusingly figured out that my classes either gets shortened or canceled whenever I wear a new dress to college.


Had my graduations .. even before the final exams (that's how it's done in India)

Had many insecurities about my future and what I was gonna do with my life by the rate I was slacking

Amazed yet again by God's faithfulness

Went to a bar for the 1st time in my life all for the sake of food

Got influenced by Harry Potter.. in a very silly way :P


Almost died of nervous breakdowns, doubts, fear, panic attacks, accidents, etc. etc. all because of finals exams... oh, n lost a lot of hair in the process too

Started drinking coffee and tea to stay awake

Discovered many eating out places (before and after exams) and became a regular customer in Cafe Coffee Day for the sake of studying

I managed to get rid of chemistry from my whole entire life of studying for good!! u cannot imagine how happy that makes me!

Didnt have the guts to try cocktail.. ended drink a lousy mocktail

Had my share of mischieves ;)

A new found passion for special colour pencils

Bent on trying different types of beer . LOL


Successfully finished my Degree course without having to waste an extra year or a half to complete all my papers. You wouldnt understand how much that means to me without hearing me out completely about the history

Missed my friend's wedding which was happening rite there in the city I lived in for 3 years!

Went to Chennai and Thinelvelli (in India) for summer break and melted and looked like a househelper.


Was really excited to be back in Malaysia..who wouldnt be...

Made a very very important decision in my life and listed out some of d criteria. HAHHAA!!! .. n if u'r wondering if it worked out.. no obviously didnt.. LOL

Turned quarter of a century old!

Discovered many new eating places and expanded my waistline in the process

Finally made up my mind that coffee and I are better off without each other.

Walked hand in a hand for the 1st time with life as it was


Was in KL more often than I was at home in Penang

Went on a 'sort of' road trip with Sherline and Yasmin. That was my 1st ever trip with friends in Malaysia

Started cooking.. forcefully.. but turned out horrible and my mum had to suffer the consequences of forcing me to cook :P


Went out for movie and supper with friends at night for the 1st time in Malaysia. (not that I wasnt allowed to go out at night.. I just never asked or tried)

Made a total fool out of myself. Among all the idiotic/silly/playful/kiddish/mischievous things i've done in my entire life, this one won the trophy.

Met one of my darling nieces after a year she was born.

Another darling niece added to the family... whom I havent met yet


Reminded again and again of God's love, and His plans for me.

Went on a shopping spree which caused my mum a bomb


Changed hairstyle again, but not too drastic.

My farewell party – for good?? ... I dont know...

Had heart to heart conversations with important friends about our lives, and how God has been molding us, and how He has changed each on of us, and how He has brought us together. It was a different feeling that night when I was driving back home at 1am.

Set foot in a country that I could and was only dreaming of

Met one of the love of my life

Learnt many valuable lessons about Scotland practically


Unofficially changed my name to Lucky

1st sight of snow!!

Made friends with tea

For the 1st time in my life I missed having a sibling

Authored a “Step by step guide about bowling for Dummies”. It was a huge success!

Realized that I need a family ASAP.. n then realized that it doesnt happen ASAP


1st Christmas away from family.

Tried wine for the 1st time, n liked the fruit wine

1st Christmas with an English family, and had a proper English Christmas

Became famous for a skill which i never thought i'd have in my whole entire life!

Realized that i've become a scarf freak

Boxing Day is bad for ur health, am still tempted to go shopping even after the mad 3-day shopping spree!

Got hold of another love of my life

All the events above are only a few or everything that has happened that made many changes in my life. I spent 4 hours on this post, cos reading through my previous posts made me think about all that has happened.

And for the first time ever, i'm going to make New Year resolutions for the year 2009.

Here's wishing all of you a very blessed and prosperous New Year! May you have joy and peace in whatever you do and may you be blessed abundantly with God's grace and love! :D

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