Monday, December 1, 2008

have you had the plessure of...

... wearing 3 layers of clothes (tshirt, vest, jacket) under the water proof winter jacket that makes you look like an eskimo, topped up by a wool cap, a wool scarf wrapped around ur neck, 2 layers or gloves, 2 layers of socks under the sport shoes, and yet cannot feel ur fingers by the time u reach home, feel as if ur feet is wet, and cant move ur lips fast enough to talk...?

have you ever had d plessure of feeling pins n needles + burning sensation + forced pressure pressing inwards and outwards on ur fingers + bloated fingers ..??

u havent??

which part of the world r u in??!!!!

u'r missing out on all the fun man!!!!!!!!

come to glasgow!! it'd be my plessure to introduce all the plessure that i've had in the past few days!!!!!!

i promise u'll enjoy it!


**HOPE** said...

i have!!! heck...i would start with the layers way early like in september and all my friends thought "CRAZY MALAYSIAN"!!!

what about your nose? my nose used to be near frost-bitten and i would pinch it and pinch it just to keep it from falling off my face!

Chumi said...

actually, my nose usually goes to sleep until i'm back in d warmth of my room. so i dont bother much about it/

its my lips that always gives away. i cant seem to be able to say out any words that has the letter, 'p''x' n a few more in it... like d word 'probably', 'pls', 'excuse me' ..bla..bla..bla... its like i suddenly go on major slow motion when i'm trying to say something! LOL

n my fingers hurt so badly these few days so even 2 layers of gloves is not enough.. :( i got to get d leather gloves soon