Monday, May 3, 2010

kids really do say the darnest things

Teacher: Boy 1 can u pls read this sentence?
Boy 1: then 'no bath' said bla bla bla
Teacher: wat?? who said that?
Boy 1: 'no bath'
Teacher: Spell it out
Boy 1: N-a-b-o-t-h
Teacher: and how do you pronounce that??
Boy 1: No Bath!
Teacher: wat?? spell it out again
Boy 1: N-a-b-o-t-h
Boy 2: Here, i have a question... why would his parents name him No bath? doesnt it get embarrassing for him??
Boy 3: maybe he doesnt have a bath at all
Teacher: it's not no bath... it's Naboth. His name is Naboth
Boy 2: oh.... but it's stil embarrassing. couldnt his parents think of any other names?? they have very limited vocabulary!!