Thursday, November 16, 2006

Exams are finally over!!

my exams r finally over!!! eerr….not all the papers though…i meant the important papers….i have add eng on saturday…i dont intend to study that anytime earlier than friday nite!!! i only started studying for the major papers the evening before the exam….so, it doesnt make sense at all if i start studying eng earlier than that!!!

all my papers were tough this time…first was Zoology, then Biotech..then Chem….i think i did best in zoology this time….2nd is Bt n last is chem….When will i ever do well in chem!!!

i simply simply hate Chemistry with all my heart!!! it is my one only enemy!! i wonder how long i’ll have to study chem!! ….d last time i said that…one of my friend told me this…"love your enemy as u love urself..!!!"… how on earth can i ever love chem when it makes my life miserable all the time!!??

Anyway….exams r finally over…am gonna be free from my text books till Jan 2007!!! YAY!!!!!! ;D

I’ve already started writing a list of books which i wanna read during my ’so called break!’ [ for 2 weeks only!! :( ]….i’m gonna start hunting for those books from monday onwards….anybody has any suggestions of any books?? i’m willing to read anything at all!! i’ve been lagging so much in reading anything else other than my text books!!

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