Saturday, November 11, 2006


It’s been ages since i wrote something here…. hey…it’s not because i was lazy…i had semester final exams going on…that’s y didnt have the time…

Anyway, there isnt much to write about…cos i havent been doing anything at all other than studying for my finals….

Zoology was ok….eng was ok too (obviously…), ….i had biotech this morning…Biotech was lousy!! it was so bad!!

I studied so much for it…i stayed up d whole nite, did revision, and didnt even chuck any chapters at all…i studied every single, freaking page of it!! but wat happened in the end…??!!! d paper was completely out of topic!! this other freaking college that set the paper, set all d questions out of the syllabus!!!

How were we supposed to do an exam like that!! n all the questions were so so unimportant!! biotech papers are NOT supposed to be like that!!! we had loads and loads to study….loads of important stuff…and in the end wat do we get…a bunch of idiotic, unwanted, unimportant questions!!!

i feel as if i wasnt worth it at all that i stayed up all nite to study, n studied so much!!

Now i have to start studying for my next exam which is on thursday!! wat else is there to do in my life!!! AARRGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!

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