Monday, September 28, 2009

i think i'm finally learning to move on

i've been a way from home for many years now... so it shouldnt be a problem at all for me to move on. thats wat everyone thinks... but its not that way at all

i always thought i was d odd one out in a new place. it has always been difficult for me to get used to ppl around me and the new environment. though i can adapt to anything easily... there's always something that's different.

i think i've finally mastered d art of getting used to new places, to new ppl, and most importantly, i've realized who i have to listen to.

i've found a few good friends now. i dont know if i'll be staying here for long, i dont know if i'll be able to keep in touch with them even after i leave, i dont know i'll be able to do wat i'm supposed to be while i'm here. all i know is that now i have a few good friends... whom i wish i got to know earlier

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