Thursday, September 24, 2009

the tale of a stupid girl during the most important viva of her life

Her viva was scheduled on the 7th of Sept at 2.00pm, but she was asked to be there in the waiting room half an hour before time, just like everyone else. Little Miss Stupid Girl (SG) rushed to the depart almost an hour earlier because she was too tensed. she didnt even bother studying or revising on the morning of her viva. all she did was spend one whole hour getting ready for the viva. her reasoning was that she should at least look good and impress the external examiner even if she can't answer the questions properly. i must admit, she did look good. but there's no pic as proof that she did look good that day. Miss SG is not called like that for no reason you know.

Her facilitators were worried looking at her. she must have been a sight! they tried to pacify her by telling her that it was going to be alright and that everyone else found the examiners to be really helpful and considerate. Miss SG wasnt convinced at all, but she tried to appear more relaxed and calmed. she reminded herself that her smart white skirt, with white shirt and black blazer would do the job when/if necessary.

it was finally her time and she floated in to the examiners room (i say floated cos that's how she felt before her viva started). she wanted to waste some time and like an idiot started asking stupid questions and delaying the examiners. the external examiner wasnt half as young as she expected him to be. i mean, she was expecting a 29-year-old drop dead gorgeous hunk with deep blue eyes and a sexy english accent whom she was hoping would fall head over heels in love with her at first sight and save her from the viva and all her worries. comparitively, the actualy external examiner was only slightly more than twice the age than she imagination. there goes her little bubble of dreams... sigh...

anyways, moving on to her presentation. since she only had exactly 5 minutes and not one single second extra, she made sure she had enough things to talk about within that time. and she spent a few days getting those powerpoint slides ready. she put in her best diagrams and maps and graphs to impress that examiners. but how well do you think that went? the external examiner dozed off during her second slide! that's how impressive it was!!! the bloody moron did nothing more throughout the remaining half an hour other than to doze off and munch on the cookies and fruits and snacks provided in front of him! who cares about the old man, at least her other examiners were impressed and thought it was a very good job.

Miss Sg successfully finished her presentation within the time limit. the next hurdle was the worst one ever, it was the question and answer session. everyone before her told her that they were asked many many questions regarding their dissertation, so Miss SG was kindda relieved, thinking that it would be mostly about her dissertation. little did she know that it was all going to be upside down for her. the very first question was about some stupid lesson that she learnt ages ago! yes, she messed it up royally... and that too with so much confidence.

Miss Sg's senior lecturer/examiner looked as if she was gonna shoot her and throw her out through the window! sigh....

the next question wasnt all that easy either. no no no, correction... it was easy... but we can all assume how Miss SG would have answered it. it was a very basic question about cancer in an extended family and how the medical geneticist would advice the grand daughter about inheriting the cancer from hte family members. very very simple question, but wat did Miss SG do? she completely forgot wat sporadic cancer (random mutation) and familial cancer (inhereted in the family) meant!

have you ever seen anyone who talks about X and Y sex chromosomes when she's asked to explain about how Robertsonian Translocation in Down's syndrome occurs in chromosome 21?

you're reading her now.

Miss SG was mentally preparing herself to face anything that might come her way the next day when she got her results.... but all's well end's well.... somehow the Lord showed some mercy on her and let her pass and complete her Postgrad studies.

so, Miss SG is now an unemplyed MSc Medical Genetics from the University of Glasgow gradute.

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