Tuesday, January 9, 2007

today is so not my day!!

today is not my day!!! 1st of all, i woke up with a terrible tummy cramp n headache...actually, i think i slept with the tummy cramp, n when i woke up in the morning i got a headache too cos i couldnt sleep at all d nite before!!as if the headache n d tummy cramp wasnt enough,i had a sore throat too!!

n then i forced myself to get ready n go to college...but while i was having breakfast, i felt even worse...i didnt want to go to college even though i had practicals today...i told my friend to go ahead without me....she was kindda reluctant n kept telling me to stay only for the pracs....only after a few minutes i realised that it was the elections today...n she was standing for president...so, i decided that i'll go to college for the elections sake n not my practicals....d attendance for pracs doesnt count anyways....

i went to my zoology lab without my lab coat nor my record book....and my teacher threatened to throw me out of class because i didnt have a lab coat!! she didnt ask about the record so i conveniently kept quiet....actually, it wasnt my fault that i didnt bring my lab coat.i had given it to a friend who stays in the college hostel to keep it with her....cos, i'd be needing my lab coat n lab slippers almost everyday, n it was troublesome to carry it back n forth everyday.....n my friend had forgotten to bring it class this morning....then she had to explain to the teacher n ask her permission to go back to d hostel to get the lab coat...wat on earth are these teachers problem man!! they have some sort of misunderstandings in their house, n they come n show it on us in school/college!!

anyway, we bunked our 3rd hour cos we had to stand in queue to vote for the new union ...that took almost one hour....i was so sick by then...but couldnt do anything about it....i finally finished voting by about 11.30am n it was time for d next class already....so went to d classroom n tried to sleep after d teacher marked my attendance...but couldnt....that made my headache even worse...so, ended up reading a story book...which added on to my headache!!

when my class finally got over at 12.15pm, i was more than pleased to get out of college!!! i just wanted to come back home n sleep....i didnt even go to my biotech lab to tell my teachers that i wont be able to innoculte the seed today...i was supposed to do it yesterday...but was too lazy...n i was too sick today....i wonder wat happened to my rambutan seed...so much for my promise to Vid saying that i'll grow that plant for her here in India!! :P

anwyay, when i got back home at 1pm...i couldnt sleep!! so, i had my hair bath, had lunch, transfered pics from my friends memory card n mailed it to her...n messed up my comp!!

i dont know wat happened.....d icons on my desktop sort of disappeared!! ok ok..it didnt really disappear...wat i mean is...d original icon is not there anymore...instead there's this ugly looking icon!! n i dont know how to change d icons already...i forgot already....i think it must have happened when i put in my friend's memory in my comp...i was supposed to restart my comp to finish d installation of d new memory card...but since i had a lot of things running at that time, i thought i could restart later n cancelled it...now my icons r gone!!!! :(

as if all this not enough...i couldnt even speak to my mother properly!! d internet line was so bad!! either i couldnt hear her or she couldnt hear me!! i got so irritated n frustrated...n thats when i actually realised that my icons were changed....so that added on to my frustration!! i was so angry that i switched off my comp n called mum from my mobile....n then i tried connecting d internet again n spoke to mum, but line was still bad....

wat a day man.....but not nothing else matters to me already...except for my comp!! i dont know why n how it became like that...n i dont know wat to do to make it back to normal!! i'll just lose my head if anything happens to my comp n if i cant use it!! someone pls help me!!!!!!!!!

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