Friday, January 19, 2007

sr exam was good! :D

For d first time in my life, my chemistry exam was good!!! n i walked out of d class smiling after a chemistry paper!! ahahahha!!!

d paper was only for 15 marks...but we had almost half d text book!! d teachers rush to finish d syllabus in time, n they force everything on us all d time....they dont care if we can cope or not.....

watever...chemistry exam is sucessfully over...tomorrow i have Zoology and then on saturday i have Biotech

i havent started studying for both d subjects....n i have loads of it!!! i can mange biotech....even if there's a lot in it....i kindda paid attention in class...but zoology is screwing!!! i'm so dead for it!!! we have more than d text zoology teachers r so not bothered if we r alive or even if we die trying to meet dead lines!! they just wanna finish their work!! thats all they care about!!

anyways, i'm gonna screw up tomorrow's zoology paper...that's for sure....n i dont care anymore's only for 15 marks....we'll have another exam next month...i'll have to make up for this one in that exam

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