Saturday, January 13, 2007

wat a beautiful dau it is today! :)

Praise God for such a beautiful day......!! :D

well, there's a lot of things to praise God for....but i cant list everything out here.....

but there;s one thing which i really wanna mum called me up at about 2am malaysian time early this morning n told me that she's got her PR!! n that too after 23 years !!!

actually, there's been a little bit of problem in my mother's application for, she was staying in Malaysia all these days under visa. mum n i thought that she'll have to be satisfied with d visa only...n not think about PR anymore....n we had actually given up on trying to do anything about it for almost 2 years..... initially mum used to go to KL so often to see d ppl in charge n had to wait for many hours....had to go about here n there to see a lot of ppl.....u know how troublesome d government can get at times rite....

so, we werent bothered to do anything about it anymore.....n then yesterday my mum received a letter from d immigration department saying that she got her PR!!!! :D

wow....God works wonders n miracles at d times when we least expect it!!

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