Thursday, January 11, 2007

ok-ok day

today was kindda ok.....nothing much happened...nothing special....

had classes from morning as usual....biotech, zoology, biotect, Indian constitution, lunch, biotech again, n then eng d last hour...i bunked d last hour of eng cos i didnt do d so called assignment which d teacher gave....actually, 3/4 d class bunked cos none of them did d essay thingy......but in d end she didnt even ask for it!! she's gonna screw our asses for it tomorrow!!

n we had a new sir for Indian constitution today...actually, he started his classes yesterday....but i was at home didnt know anything about him....he's such a looser lawyer!! he speaks to himself, he doesnt know wat he's talking about, he doesnt give a damn about wat we do in class, he doesnt care even if we use our mobile phones while sitting rite under his nose,he flirts as if its nobody's business, n he doesnt give attendance!!

we went for his class for d sake of attendace....n he doesnt give us that!! he does everything else except d attendance thing!! n he's such a cheap flirt man!! u know wat...??!! all d male teachers in my college r flirts!! n all of them choose to teach in my college so that they can flirt!!! that is so sick!! i think someone should tell him to go look at himself in d mirror so that he is reminded that he's as old as d students father!!

anyway, d most irritating thing today was that i realised that i'm becoming such a lazy bum that i'm rotting away my life being lazy!!!

i came back at about 4pm today cos i wanted to go to my friends house at about 4.30 to play d keyboard. since i had a little bit of extra time, i was just relaxing a little,lying on my bed, msging my friends....n i fell asleep!!! d next thing i know is i woke up at 5.30pm n it was too late to go to my friends house already!!!!!! i couldnt play d keyboard today because i was bloody lazy!!!

i could have done something else for that half an hour instead of just lazying around...i mean, my tests r gonna start next week, n i'm so lagging in my record work n assignments.....but did i do that??!! NO!! I wanted to relax ....n here i am now....missed my chance of practising keyboard today!!!!!

when am i ever gonna learn not to be lazy!!!!!!!!!!!

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