Friday, February 16, 2007

my valentine

i know i know...i'm just becoming lazy day by day..i sleep for practically 10 hours a day,i spend 8 hours in college, i watch tv for 4 hours, n in d remaining 2 hours i eat!! :p

well, wat i mean is...there hasnt been much things going on in my life....eerrr....ok, i'm not being totally honest....there has been some things going on....but i dont wanna attract too much of attention to it...hehehhe....

n its been more than a week, i dont really remember d details....except that there was this cultural feastival in college d whole of last week. i stayed back in college till about 8pm most of d days....n then i went for a few tennis matches....but i didnt play...cos i was too busy with something, d whole of last week flew just like that...didnt have time for a lot of things...

n nthis week, my friends from home have come down to, i'm going out with them everyday after my classes...n tonite i'll be staying over with them....i havent even had d time to talk to my mum properly.....i havent been able to chat with some of my friends who were waiting for me.....d stupid power goes off SSSOOOO OFTEN!!!!!!! when i start chatting with someone....i wont be able to end it properly cos d power goes off n only comes back after a few hours!! by then i'll have to go already!!

to my friends who have been 'neglected'....u know who u r.....i really didnt mean it's just that my timings here r different compared to urs...n most of d time, i'm free when u r not.....well, everything will be back to normal from next week onwards....

n to everyone..."Happy Valentine's Day"...sorry for d late doesnt mean that Feb 14th is d only day to share n express love to one another rite.....:p

i went to college like a good girl on Valentine's day wearing a green n red coloured Punjabi suit....not knowing that red n green colour meant that i was single n ready to mingle n looking for a partner.....hahahha!!! anyways, college was fun that day...we didnt really have any solid classes, everyone was just happily talking n laughing away to glory...even d teachers...heheheh...n then in d evening i had a date!! with 8 men, 7 out of whom were married n d only single one was younger than me!! hahahaha!!!

actually, when my friends asked if i had a date...i honestly said no...but htey wouldnt, i happily told them that i was going out with 8 guys!! ahahaha!!! n they bellieved that!!!

actually these dates were my friends from home....they had reached here d nite before...but since it was too late, i went to meet them d next day evening( on Valentine's day) after college....n i even received chocolates....that too Ferrero Rocher!!! ( i think i havent told u about how crazy i am about Ferrero Rochers n that i'm willing to do anything at all for those chocolates...n how i even dreamt about Ferrero rRocher chocolates floating towards me like a Titanic ship....i'll do that in another blog k...ehehehhe)

d chocolates were awesome as usual!! n d person who gave it to me is married n has a 2 year old son...hahaha!!! so, no luck there....n my dream guy didnt make much effort at all!! i saw him that nite...but we didnt really speak much... anyway, how was he supposed to know that i got married to him in my dreams!! ahahaha!!!

so, another Valentines Day spent with friends....minus my most precious loved one....

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