Monday, February 26, 2007

yay... crab crab crab!!!

I HAD CRAB TODAY!!! Hehehe….. only 2 days ago I was craving for crab n today I had crab for dinner!! It wasn’t like how it is in Bukit Tambun….but it was crab anyways!!!!

Actually, crab for dinner today was least expected….my friend’s grandmother had cooked crab n since my friend likes crabs too…she gave some for all of us….me happy….hehehhe!!!

Anyhow…my list of eating places n menu is still increasing…I wonder if I’ll have enough time to eat all that during my break!! Hahahha…my mum will be happy anyway cos i’m surely gonna bloat up n put on weight!! Ahahahha….

Other than crabs for dinner….d rest of d day was normal….kindda boring actually……

My friend n I were early for class today for a change…cos both of us had shortage in our eng attendance n d teacher who comes in on Mondays is very particular about punctuality. She doesn’t let anyone in if they r even 5 minutes late….. because of that I’ve missed all her classes except once since December last year!!! I mean…come on la….its a Monday morning…n that too first hour….. how does she expect us to be early for class!! As it is, we have to force ourselves to get out of bed on a Monday morning n drag ourselves to college….as if that isn’t difficult enough…this lady wants us to be early for class!! She can go fly kites la!!

I was blur in class as usual… happily dreaming away to glory…n writing a journal….i didn’t want me friends sitting next to me to read it ( hey…it’s a journal …it’s supposed to be personal rite…?? )…so I wrote it in Malay….n it took me SO LONG!! I had to think so much before I wrote something n I couldn’t even write properly..!! my malay was so lousy that I had to stop…cos I myself couldn’t bare to read it!! Hehehe…..

After almost 2 years in India…I’ve become 3/4th an Indian…I’ve lost my Malaysian slang, I look like a Sri Lankan( that’s where ppl think I am from!!), I speak like an Indian who was born n brought up here in India, I think like an Indian too…..sigh….!! all said n done….do I need anymore reasons to come back home soon!!!??

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