Saturday, December 9, 2006

i'm still sick!!

there’s been a lot of unpleasent changes this past week

it’s been almost 2 weeks n i’m still sick!! i’m getting so sick of being sick!!! i do get sick often….but it’s never been this bad before!!!

first, i had fever…then got cold, followed by cough…i almost got better by one week….but then got sick again after a few days..ended up with eye sore, fever, cough n cold!!

my eye sore got better within 2 days…but my cough n cold became even worse when i came to bangalore because of d weather here!! i’ve been going to d clinic every alternate days, n have been skipping college so much!! i only went for classes twice in d whole of last week!!

Anyway, am getting better already now….i dont wanna get sick anymore!! i’ve had enough of medicines n injections n tablets, n restrictions!!

n i havent been sleeping much off late…..i’m surprised with myself… i wake up at all odd hours of the nite, n cant get back to sleep again..n i dont even feel sleepy in d afternoon…because of that, ppl say i look very tired and weak…(leave it to ppl to come up with all sorts of nonsense…!!)

well, watever is it….or no matter how sick i am …..i’m so thankful that my mother is here with me now….at least this time she’s here….or not i have to go to d clinic all by myself, n i have to take care of myself…just like i’ve been doing for the one n half a year….

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