Sunday, December 31, 2006

has a great holiday after so many years!!

i’ve been so busy the past week…enjoying my holidays n shopping…hahaha!!! i think the last time i went on a holiday with the whole family was when i was in primary school…we’ve been planning to go somewhere every year when mum n i come to india….but things dont work out the way we plan..cos something unexpected comes up each time….like someone wont be able to make it or, we dont have enough time….

but this time, we really made it a point to go around bangalore n mysore….though all the families weren’t able to make it… aunt came from chennai with her 2 daughters to bangalore to join my mum n me….then hired a Tavera Chevrolet n went around bangalore n maysore for 2 days n got a smaller car the 3rd day to go shopping in bangalore….

i’ve been in bangalore for 1 n 1/2 a year now…n i still didnt know anything about the tourists spots n landmarks here….so, had to hire a tourist guide n a vehicle….:p…anyway, after such a long time, i finally saw parts of bangalore, which is other than my college, hostel, n the house i’m staying in!!

my aunt n cousins reached bangalore early in the morning on wednesday at about 4.30am…i had to go to the bus station with my friend my bike to fetch them cos they didnt know how to get to my place…..i was shivering to the core n my teeth was chattering!! the temperature was about 15 degrees that morning i think… poor thing my cousins..they couldnt even walk….my aunt warpped them up into bundles with so many layers of clothes n sweather n blankets….thay couldnt even walk…hahahha….they looked like mini santa clauses…taking small steps n trying not to trip over the blankets…hahahaha!!!

anyway, we reached home at about 5.30am…i think it was almost 6am….we were unpacking n packing up our stuff n getting ready to leave…my friend had told the driver to come to pick us up at 9am…so that we’ll have time to go to all the important places in bangalore before it gets dark……

first we went to the zoo…it was about 1 hours’ drive from my place…. all of us slept through out the journey cos we were all tired n deprived of sleep the previous day…especially me….cos my mum insisted on cleaning up my room n reducing all the junk n unwanted things which i stocked up on one corner of the room d past 6 months! :p….

anyway, we had loads of fun in d zoo ….except the snake section…i’m not a reptile lover…..we went on the lion n tiger safari….it felt as if we were filming for the movie Jurassic Park…hahaha….cos the vehicle we went on was exactly like the one in that movie….:p….the tigers n lions were roaming about in that area…whenever a vechile drives past them or near them…they didnt shy away…they actually walked nearer to our vehicle as if they were parading n posed for the photographers as well!! hahahha….i guess its years of practice…..hahaha…

after the zoo, we went to a place called the LalBagh….its the biggest flower garden in india…n i thinks its supposed to be the biggest one in asia or something like that…i’m not too sure about that…..they had the glass house in it (which was really nice! it looked so good from all angles!), the floral clock (a clock with the base n background of different kinds n colours of flowers), the rose garden ( that was supposed to be the biggest rose garden with hundreds of variety of roses…but unfortunately it wasnt the season…so we only saw 3 roses growing….:p), the cotton tree ( it was simply superb…it was so beautiful to just stand there n look at that huge tree with white cotton growing on it!!), n even the aquarium ( with loads of colourful fishes). that LalBagh was too big for us to walk around…..we were adviced to take the cabbie inside….but we refused to cos we wanted to enjoy every part of it….so much for our enthsiasm…we were dead tired when we were finished!! :P

we stopped for lunch at a restaurant near by, n then went to the museum after that…..i was bored in the museum at first….cos it was all about gods n goodesses n neolitic, paleolitic n mesolitic n artifacts or watever u call it….but then it got interesting when we went to the second floor….there were loads of beautiful paintings of artists from different states all over india n their specialities….photography was strictly prohibited but i couldnt resist……the paintings by Venkattapa was just beyond explanations!! so, i quietly took a few pics of his paintings….the lady who was standing guard at the door didnt notice at 1st but then she suddenly started yelling at me in kannda from where she was standing….i quickly put my camera away n acted as if she was talking to someone else….hehehhe….:P

finally we went to Vidhana Soudha….its the parliment building. its sort of as important as the WTC in US. if there happens to be any bombing or terrorists attack in Delhi or Mum the next aim will be on this place…, its been restricted from public entrance. we were only allowed to take pics from outside the huge, tall gates n security.

my 10 year old cousin was sulking so badly while we were wainting outside n trying to figure out a way to go in n have a close look at the place… my mum told her to go with her little sister to the guard n tell him that they’ve come all they way from chennai to see this place n that all her friends from school have been there n seen more than her. the guard actually allowed them!! but they were too scared to go further in alone n see around, n they actually walked out!! the guard told them not to be scared n told them to go in again…but again, they just walked a few steps n stopped there!! so, chumi went to the rescue!! hahahaha…i ran over to the guard n told him that my sisters were scared to go alone n i asked him if i could take them in……hahahahha….n the guard actually allowed me!! but he told me to put my camera away cos photography was strictly restricted….y on earth do they do that!!! i so so badly wanted to take pics!! when i walked in with my cousins….i was taken aback…the building was awesomw!! nothing like how it was from outside….it was so majestic n grand!!! i tried to take a pic with my phone of my cousins standing on the stairs with half the building in the background, but someone appeared out of nowhere from the back. i quickly flip shut my phone n raan out with my cousins….heehhehhe…..

my mum ended up with a splitting headache because of the walk in LalBagh in the afternoon….n all of us were dead tired…, we bought dinner n went back home early…cos, we had to wake up at 5 the next morning n leave for mysore….

my aunt brought the small mp4 which has 1.3mp digi cam which my uncle bought for the kids from China….n i had my digi cam……i took more than 100 pics in bangalore alone….n so did my cousins..we took loads of unnecessary pics…hahaha/…..thank God for digi cams….we can snap as many pics as we want n finally choose the ones which r really good….hahahha

i havent had the time to upload any pics n sort it out yet….will do it when i get back to bangalore on wednesday….oh by the way, i’m in chennai now….mum’s leaving on monday nite, i couldnt get any tickets for me to go back to bangalore on the same nite, so i’ll be leaving on tuesday nite….

this is too long a blog!!!!!! but i cant help it…i have to make up for the missing in action days….heheheh….n i’m not even finished with my holiday stories….but i really have to log out now before my mum wakes up n realises that i’ve been online for more than an hour…..

i’ll continue my holiday story on tuesday…i wont have time to do it tomorrow cos my mum wants to do last minute shopping n packing tomorrow….n i havent brought any story books along with me, so i have absolutely nothing to do for the whole of tuesday …..

so, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! i’m gonna be spending my new year crying in my room i think….*sigh* :( ….anyway…i gtg…c u guys in my net blog next year…:)

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