Tuesday, January 22, 2008

on ETs n Peanuts

Yesterday, my friend n i went to a shopping complex to get some photo editing work done ( she wanted to make a keychain, or a calender with her pics for her friend's bday). but the d photo studio there didnt have d equipments to it though. so we had to go to another place.

on our way out, we saw this toy machine. i dont know wat its called here in india. but in malaysia we call it main tikam. i still dont understand y its called like that cos there's nothing to tikam also! it's d machine where u have to put either 20 cents or 50 cents or RM1, and then twist the knob, n u get a tiny, cute little toy inside a plastic egg. there's this bouncing balls, toys, guns, n keychains, n all d tiny tiny stuff in it.

i remember my friends n i used to play those things so often. i had a whole lot of collection of those... but i dont know where they are now =[. it used to be so much fun. they were so cute. we'd all go to d shop together with lots of change n go on n on putting d money in n twisting d knob, and eagerly waiting to see wat we got. hhahahha...... d last time i did that was when i was in primary school i think... or maybe lower secondary.

so, when i saw that yesterday, i was too tempted to do it again! but the toys inside didnt look too attractive, but i just wanted to do it, for the fun of it. my friend took d 1st one, n i took d second one. hers was an ugly looking ET, n mine was a retarded looking cartoon character Peanuts! ahahaha

nah.. it wasnt all that bad. both were ugly n retarded looking... no doubt... but it was still fun.

Image138 this is mine!! d retarded looking Peanut!! heehhehe...n he's holding a present too! unfortunately my nokia doesnt have macro mode... so, d pic is not clear at all :(

there's a tiny sliver knob on his head ( if u can see it )... its supposed to be a pendent. i tried to put in it through one of my chains but it would fit in... i wonder how it would look wearing a huge cartoon character, who's holding a present, around ur neck!! haahhaha

Image139 n this is my friend's ET. it looks exactly like the ET in d ET movie (d old version of ET movie where Drew Berry More was d small little girl in it). it's covered in a white sheet of cloth, n sitting in a carriage on a single wheel... just like how it was in d movie.. n it's pointing its finger to d left.. i wonder y.. .hahahha
again, d pic is not clear cos of my macro mode-less phone!!!

Both of it is going to be Neema's bday present tomorrow! :D cos Peanuts is carrying a present, n Et came along while we were in d process of making a present for her. :)

btw, is that d character from Peanuts? wats his name?? charlie??

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