Thursday, January 10, 2008

on lost n not found but replaced keychain

my last entry was like more than a month ago... ok ok.. we all know y d delay.. cos i was too lazy to update or blog, n as usual i was procastinating... :P there r so many bloggers who r so serious about their blog, n who r hoping n aiming for hundreds n thousands of readers.. n here i am being lazy to update one blog.. which i dont even know how many ppl reads... *sigh*.. anyways...

i wonder how many of u read my blog about d teacher who stole my keychain from rite under my nose while my exams was going on.. n i was sitting there like a dungu who didnt do anything!!

well, i told my friend varsha about it a few days ago... n while she was walking down a street yesterday, she saw a keychain similar to that of mine n got it for me!!! so sweet of her!!!

Image109 this is my ex keychain


n this is my new key chainImage159_1

thats a so called close up view of my new key chain


n this is varsha mary matthew who gave me d keychain!!! :D

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