Friday, January 25, 2008

Saree Day

Today was saree day in college. in India, d day before Indian Republic day is celebrated as saree day in most of d colleges. it happens in my college every year too.... but i've never tied a saree to college before but since this is our final year, some of us decided to tie sarees, just for d fun of it, and for remembrance.

most of my classmates tied saree. some of those who didnt tie a saree at least had d decency to wear a salwar/kurtha/chudithar/punjabi suit. but some souls decided to wear jeans and t-shirts even today!! n they got it good from d lecturers too! heehheh. i mean come one guys... its d last year of college!

anyway, i woke up extra early this morning cos i was excited about tying saree! initially i wasnt too keen but i'm glad i did it in d end. n i ended up going late to college... but d 1st hour of class was canceled anyway... hehehhe. when my friend n i entered college, we were welcomed by d sight of beautiful, bright, vibrant, striking colours and so much of noise!! since d 1st hour was canceled, everyone was busy taking pics.

oh btw, how can i forget to tell u guys how i to went to college today!! 1st of all, u have to know that i freak to sit on a bike, leave alone ride it... but i'm getting used to it now. n today i had to go to college by bike, n i had to sit side ways!! i took almost 5 minutes to grab hold of my saree n sit on d bike, n then i was practically sreaming at every corner, turning, speed break n wat not..even if a bike or another vechicle was no where near me, i have d feeling that its gonna hit me, n i start screaming! poor charu!! hahahha

we had one session of photography before we entered our 1st class of d day, n then we continued rite after d teacher got out of class. actually, we were just waiting for her to get out so that we can continue taking pics!! hahahha. n after that we never stopped taking pics! even when we were in the biotech lab, we were taking pics to glory. and the teachers turned a blind eye towards us, n let us go ahead n do wat we wanted to do.. cos they knew we wont stop even if they try n force us to stop! hhhaha

some of us who tied saree forgot to even take our lab coats cos we were too busy getting dressed in d morning. only those girls who werent tying saree, n those who had their lab coats on did d media preparation, while d rest of us were taking pics .. as usual!! hehhehe

our photo sessions didnt stop even till evening!! after a long tiring day in college, a few of us went to a shop called "Raj shop" for tit bits. and even there we were taking all sorts of funny pics!! n ppl on d road we looking at us, wondering if something was wrong... but nothing stopped us :P

All in all, it was a tiring but fun day!! i've never worn a saree for 12 hours at a go!! i beat my own record today!! yay yay..... i deserve another award for this!! LOL!!!! (some of my friends were saying that i look like an award winning actress by d way i was carrying myself in d, they presented me with a conical flask from d bt dept, n then a DNA sturcture, cos d conical flask was too small! LOL)

i'm already dozing off now, so i'd better log off before i write some nonsense here. d pics r uploded in my facebook account...

PS: there are more pics to be added

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