Thursday, May 21, 2009

let ur imaginations grow wild... it's good for u.. to a certain extend

i'm d kind of person who imagines everything that she hears or reads.

when i read da vinci code and a few other books which were made into movies.. i had very high expectations cos i imagined everything as i was reading it.. but all the movies let me down cos it was nothing like d book.

when i listen to someone relating something to me, i start imagining how it would have really been

sometimes it's good to have very good imagination skills.. sometimes its not.. i'll tell u when its not all that great to imagine things.

about 2 weeks ago, we have this major presentation thing happening in class (it's still happening cos there's 3 PBLs). one of my group member who was presenting was talking about some prenatal testing techniques. when it was question and answer time, d staff from the cytogenetics dept asked him if the transabdominal or trancervical method was better and y. guess how and y he answered.. .

HIS answer: if i were to be the pregnant lady, i'd opt for d transcervical method because its a plastic tube that is used as opposed to the needle that is used for transbdominal method.

i need not explain wat was running in my mind at that time


Chronicwriter said...

hahaha... i am not a girl.. not a woman too..

but i can read your thoughts


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