Sunday, May 10, 2009

my wish list

i wish i had a phone that would send pre-typed text msges on scheduled dates... yes, just like how scheduled blog posts work. i've forgottened to wish so many ppl for their bdays and anniversaries and even all d best for exams... all because i remembered it a few days before, but forgot to text msg or call them on that day itself, and remember it a few days after (my short term memory loss is a whole chapter on its own which i wouldnt wanna jumble up with my wish list), i'd prefer to text them saying, "hey i know ur bday is a few days away... but i thought i'd rather wish u now n be d 1st person to wish u this year, instead of forgetting it on that day or sending a belated msg".. eventhough its months away (PS: i only said i'd prefer, i didnt say i always do that or i like to do that).

i mean, think about it... wouldnt it be so cool n convenient?! lets say u remembered an old classmate's bday a few days before the actual day... all u have to do is type a text msg especially for him/her and save it with the actual date. come d actual date, u dont have to worry about remembering that day's important things.. cos ur text msg would have been sent to ur friend already.

while u'r thinking about how convenient ur life would be too if u had that kind of a phone... check out this phone! i still dont believe its true... but its just too cool that you wouldnt wanna miss it. even being the coffee disliker that i am, i still want this phone!

*wish list to be continued when the need arises*

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