Friday, May 15, 2009

presentation, flat hunting, hard headed, BEN LOMOND!!!

my presentation is over!! n i think it went quite well. to my own expectations, i obviously didnt do well, but apparently, my classmates and groupmates thought i did a very very good job. and Dr Douglas liked my answers very much!! i tell u... those words never escape his lips under normal circumstances.. so i guess i did a pretty good job! i would upload d video.. but...
so, all those hours of staying awake overnite, n walking up n down to d lib, with my big fat bag carrying my big heavy laptop wasnt wasted at all.... i'm gonna watch a movie tonite to award myself!! :D


i'm sick of flat hunting.. withing d last 6 months, i've already lived in 2 places, and am gonna have to move again next month. i've spent hours n hours checking out gumtree and student accommodation, n so many more. it doesnt even look like i'll be able to stop spending time staring at those websites anytime in d near future.


i wish dell would stop sending me mails about their latest deals and promotions. it's tempting me to buy another one again! oh, u havent heard..?? give me a pleasure of briefing u how hard headed and stubborn i am! d day before i left from home-i spent hours driving-looking for a parking spot-looking for d damned entrance of that building under d hot sun-spent hours struggling past the dirty sweating kiasu crowd-looking high and low for an idiotic net book-finally chose one n could pay for it-d shop didnt accept credit cards-walked under d freakin hot sun to my car-drove out of that traffic mess-found an atm machine-withdrew money n then back to that building-paid for parking again-but didnt find any parking space-double parked-walked under d hot sun AGAIN-struggled pass the dirty sweaty crowd of ppl-went to d booth n paid for it-brought it back to d car under d hot sun again-let mum drive n slept on d way back (i NEVER sleep during a 45 minute drive)-reached home with a splitting headache that made me want to be able to remove my head from my neck n soak it a bowl filled with paracetamol liquid n then put it back on my neck when d headache stopped-carried d netbook to my room-switched it on-stared at it for 2 hours-friends came over-showed it to them-3 hours later told my mum i didnt want it-decided to give it to my friend-------all this while listening to my mum nag, n not one teeny weeny bit of joy AT ALL! so yeah.. i gave it to my friend n ended up bringing back my heavy 14 in laptop, which i lug it around now... thats my story of buying a netbook in 3 hours, and getting rid of it within 5 hours


I'm going to Ben Lomond tomorrow!!!!!!! yay!!!!!! its a 3000++ feet high hill/mountain. i'm going for d sake of taking pics.. it looks amazing!! my lecturer showed some pics from d previous trips n i fell in love with it... i dont care even if i end up with blisters, or if i freeze myself into a statue-like in Narnia, or if i get blown away at 3000 feet high, or if my friends have to hold me by me legs/hands n drag me all d way up along d rocky/muddy path,... i am reaching d top to stand above d clouds n take pics. you'll definitely see pics in a few days time.. but dont bother if u cant recognize a verticle sausage like person in those pics... just ignore the eye sore n enjoy d pics-IF i do go... i really hope d weather doesnt play me up in d last minute tomorrow!


oh, n i think its high time i took a wee bit of a care for my laptop. yesterday a friend of mine mercilessly told me to go n do something about it. she went like , "how could u, how can u let ur laptop be like this. i mean, look at it. i wouldnt have d heart to leave mine like this." she has a sony Vaio T series.. of course she'd want to guard it her life! ok.. i dont mean to sound ungrateful... but i cant help it.. i doesnt look so dirty when i'm looking at it in my room everyday. its just that d dust shows very obviously when i take it out.. especially to the lib! its as if its showing its temper to me :S. i think i better shut up n clean it up.. otherwise i'll start sounding like a total nut (not that i'm not now anyways... )

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