Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ben Lomond

So,y all the hype for Ben Lomond u ask... ?

cos, it looks like this:

(this is wat u'd see on a perfect day, but we all know now that perfect days do not exist in Glasgow.. so naturally these are not my own pics)(the ones below was wat i saw)

(see the top of d mountain where its completely covered with clouds and mist.. thats where we were heading)

It's 3196 feet high, the view from the top is amazing and the locals go up this giant mountain every other day cos its a national activity/hobby around here! Check out this page n video (God bless d ppl who did a video on the entire thing)

we were given a 2 hour lecture on how to dress up for the hike, wat to expect, n wat not to expect. little did i know it was gonna be nothing like how everyone talked about it.

less then 100 feet n i was panting like a dog!! can u imagine me making it to d top at 3196 feet!!!

to cut the long story short... i didnt make it to d top, cos i sprained my ankle when we were at 2500 feet, and had to turn back. i had this master plan all worked out (which is to manage to get to the top, and then call for the forest rescue rangers to come n get me down...) but my lecturer wouldnt let me continue when she knew i had hurt my ankle.. she kept insisting that i would be crippled for the rest of my life if i go ahead, n d rest who were stuck with me were more than happy to turn back! they were just waiting for me to voice it out 1st! n i did not take as many pics as i expected to (keeping in mind that i'm a photo freak!). i took some miserable 25 pics.. out of which only 20 of them were so-so.. i was too lazy to take my camera out n take pics.. so i'm waiting to get hold of the pics from my friends so that i can steal it from them n show you wat exactly Ben Lomond was like that day.

the view was amazing when we were on our way down cos it was sunny... but just before that we had heavy mist, and strong winds (which almost blew me away.. i'm not joking!), and hail storm (my face went red by the time it stopped cos it hurt so much!). we were warned that there's possibilities that we might be faced with all sorts of weather... but little did i think that they were serious when they said it. no where else in the world can u get rain, mist, hailstorm, snow and sun within 3 hours in the same area.

what kind of a hobby is this man!

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