Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Culzean Castle Pt1

One fine day, the dept decided to give a break and take us all out (but they didnt forget to give us the usual double dose of work load before they took us out!)

there's nothing to talk about the weather... as usual.. it was in one of its moods!

obviously, this place has become a tourist spot... there's a lot of shops where u can have a hot drink...

one of the gardener's house was converted into this little cafe-sort that had yummy yummy ice cream...

and they served it in this amazingly huge portion.... which took me such a long time to finish!

well... the view was worth the wait... so no complains

some of the boys brought food enough to feed a whole army

he became a statue because he touched it... boys never listen do they!

the clock tower..that has been in good working condition for centuries even in d infamous Scotland weather.

all the pretty cannons lined up

this one is kept on a platform of its own cos it's special... its centuries old, and has special carvings that marks a special occasion (something like that i think)

the castle's guard house

there u go.. this is d castle that all d ho-ha was about...

not impressed??

wouldn't u wanna live in a place like this??


Chriz said...

i have never been inside a castle

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

havent u... ? we werent allowed to go inside Culzean Castle.... :(