Thursday, May 7, 2009

blaadey e-bay

first time ever i buy something from ebay and i get conned!!

i've been hunting high and low for a second phone for quite sometime now. i didnt want to buy a used phone cos u never know wats wrong with it and i didnt want to buy a new phone cos it wasnt worth it for me now, cos i already have a good phone.

every phone that i saw in the shops were all locked to some network but i wanted an unlocked phone cos i wanted to buy my own sim card. at 1st i thought of buying an O2 phone cos d sim card that i was gonna get was O2 too. but it worked out to be expensive cos i had to pay for d credit also (which i wasnt gonna use at all!).

my only resort was to find an unlocked phone in ebay. and i spent hours looking at ebay i tell u! no, hours is an understatement... d truth would be.. i spent HOURS!!!! and i finally decided on one phone that i wanted and it was cheaper from ebay than from shops. but i didnt buy it cos i was going to go back home at that time. there's no point in getting a phone and sim card n not use it but pay for its charges for 3 weeks rite. so i thought i'd come back and find d phone.

when i came back, i ordered the sim card 1st, and that came within 2 days,i didnt exapect it to come so soon.(ordered it online). since i already got d sim card i thought i might as well start using it cos i'm being charged for it already (post paid). i was using it in my own phone cos i didnt buy another phone yet. and then i finally chose another phone from ebay (cos d other one that i wanted wasnt available anymore ), and got it delivered to me d day before.

when i was looking for this phone, i made sure it was a new phone. i didnt want to get a second hand phone, especially from ebay. d ad said it was a bloody new phone... but turns out it isnt!!

d phone looks good.. infact it doesnt look as if its used at all, it has new cover n things like that. but u know a phone is used when u see one dont u. thats wat happened with mine. it was a used phone, but it had new cover, and new battery. i couldnt be bothered cos i wasnt even gonna use it everyday, only for international calls once in a while.

but d problem with this phone now is that d seller cheated me!! cos d battery doesnt work!. it doesnt charge at all. when i plug in the charger and switch it on.. d phone says unable to charge. and d thing about this stupid phone is that it works like a dicsman that works with a DC cable. this phone doesnt even need a battery when its plugged it! but when i switch off d charger d battery says its very low.

now i have to carry d bloody charger along and plug it in all the time if i want to make a call or receive a call from that phone! even rite now its plugged in to the charger so that it stays on. i paid 35 pounds for this freakin thing!!!!!!!!!

years ago i used to tease my cousin sis that her phone charger was like a glucose drips for her phone cos the battery was that lousy and it wouldnt stay on without the charger. it's come back to haunt me now!

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