Friday, May 29, 2009

Culzean castle Pt2-a 500 year old cannibal's cave

PS: i was gonna make up a nice story to explain about the cave near the Culzean Castle..but i'm so not in d mood... this is just gonna be something lame ( as usual?! :S )

Long long ago, so long ago (like ~500 years ago), the husband came back to the cave with his catch for the day's meal, which was a poor goat.

when the wife saw the goat, she started shouting at her husband cos she was sick of eating goats everyday for the past 40 years of her life.

she refused to talk to him and hubby dearest was terribly upset.

he went out again to look for something else. this time he found bunnies, and cats, and dogs and cows and plants and flowers... and yet his wife was still not satisfied.

one day, he caught a kid trespassing in their territory. the husband got so furious that he caught of the little kid and took him to his cave to punish him.

the wife got so excited when she smelled fresh flesh. well... u can guess wat happened next.

that's how they became cannibals and they continued to be cannibals for many generations.

after a few years, the cannibals became bored eating raw flesh... they started roasting fingers. that's how 'finger food' came about.

and this is wat they used to roast the fingers...

well.. no, not really.. this is a coal machine thingy that was near the cave. Douglas told us that the cannibals used that to roast the fingers and i believed it! :S

the cave was very muddy on the inside.. naturally. the unnatural thing is that the mud wasnt of normal colour.

it was a very odd colour and we came up to the conclusion that the turned to that kindda colour cos it was a mixture of soil, blood and water.

after all, more than 1000 ppl were killed and eaten in that cave.

there were femurs lying around near the 'kitchen' too... somehow the skulls were missing.. i wonder where those went to.

that's d way to the bedroom

i wondered how the cannibals managed to deceive so many ppl.. must have been its ordinary man like smile.

behold, behind that smile.. there's a cannibal hidden

initially when a few ppl were missing, they were thought to have drowned in the ocean... but only after about 1000 ppl went missing, the officials decided to do something about it.

the cannibals were caught and put in prison.

look..that's Rapunzel's castle!

no, it was the prison where the cannibals were kept till they died.

I'm sorry... watever may happen, this will never stop

this story is partly fictional n partly nonfictional. obvious the part about the husband coming back home with the goat and the wife shouting at him cos she didnt wanna eat goats anymore is my own stupid ideas. and i know this story sounds horrible and disgusting.. but thats wat happened 500 years ago in the Northen part of Glasgow.


Arv said...

Hi Chumi,

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Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

yup.. it was a good trip.. more to come on that :)

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nice narration by the way with snaps