Monday, May 25, 2009

Ben Lomond... pt 2-finale

.. wat it is like in a normal day (which is with the rain.. n a wee bit of sun.. thank God for small mercies... )

(there are 31 pics, pls give it time to upload, and all the pics have been shamelessly stolen from my friends.. n there'r not in proper order..)

like i said in d 1st part of Ben Lomond, we were given an excessively long talk about how to be prepared for the trip... n i ended up with all this

i was supposed to stuff all that in one of those bagpack... u would expect me to carry to backpacks up a 3000++ feet mountain would do?!

obvious.. everything wouldnt fit into it.. unless it was Doremon's cute little pouch.. so i ended up wearing half of it n pack d rest in d bagpack.

the traditional group shot before starting the walk

at the foot of the mountain

Smile like a if i've already reached d top.. that was only at some 300 feet high i think! i was already half dead by the time i reached that point.. where it was d start of the walk!

acting macho at 350 feet. u'll never see this kind pic in the rest of this post.. cos i didnt have d strength to even smile for a pic, nor did i take any pics after this.

beautiful blue bells all along the way... no no.. not alll along the way.. just at the foot of the mountain

at the foot of the mountain

the islands that u can get to from Loch Lomond... i wish we had gone there instead of on Ben lomond

that's d top of Ben Lomond

n a few of d ppl who made it...

thank God i decided to turn back.. doesnt look like i missed anything much up there...

ahahaha!!! look at my face!! i think this was halfway up to the top... i was dead scared cos i thought i'd trip/slip/be blown away ( almost was... twice!!) ! LOL


Chriz said...

take me there..

i will sing for you

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

i'll take u to the foot of the mountain.. u can go to d top on ur own n sing from there. i cant sprain my ankle again