Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stress buster

I hope this cheers u up =)

It always has worked for me…!

Disclaimer: i'm sorry if it doesnt work for u... we're probably not in the same league.

This is Abirami Durga, a -- year old, and a mummy of a darling 8 month old baby

N this is wat this mother is capable of doing!

Chumi says: there's so much to study

Chumi says: :(

Abi says: oh nooo

Abi says: ok ok, u getter bet to tht

Abi says: aiyo wat m i talking

Abi says: :S

Abi says: u better get back to tht

Abi says: :S

Chumi says: AHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!

Abi says: HAHAH, aishhh, mixing too much with niv

Chumi says: pavam that baby!

i was typing "eh i can imagine u jumping around like a cheerleader, in miniskirt, and with pom pom in ur hands", while she was drawing this pic n we both sent it at the same time

great minds think alike dont they! ahahahhaha

this is when she was saying that she masuk bakul and angkat bakul sendiri while trying to justify the fact that she's got an absolutely adorable baby, n then she drew this n said both of us can angkat each other.. (i'm not explaining y that came about)

PS: see… I’m not the only psycho one… I’ve got a few more in d family to give me company! Ahahha

Have a great weekend guys!


Chronicwriter said...

i wanna chat woth you now and draw some pictures... i can draw like pablo picasso...


Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

oh no.. pls spare me! ahahahahh

abi said...

hahahaaha!so sweet!!!!hugs hugs!!!

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

ahah... wei, i called u a psycho n u say so sweet! LOL

abi said...

oh ya!!!omg!!it's okay i'll take tht as a compliment coz u wrote abt me in ur blog!!=D

Chumi @ Lakshmi @ Lucky said...

thats a compliment anyways.. cos i called myself as one too! LOL